Wednesday, September 28, 2005

for nesli..

heheheh i just read this poem and i really liked it :) made me laugh.. wana share it with nesli. but im using the other pc.. im not using msn and i havent got her blogs url.. so i hope i'll share it with her 2morrow :) u gota read this neslihan :D
Just talked with you.
You promised me everything.
Talked about us,
how we were gonna go on
and how to do it from now on.

You filled my mind with hopes.
You made me get out of my bed in the middle of the night.
And I needed you,
but you turned me down.
I needed someone so badly
and longed for you...
Big mistake!

But now?
Now I'm gonna get out
and get some other flesh!
Cause it wasn't you in particular,
you were nearer...

and this one..


I know there will come a day,
When we're older.

And we'll meet again,
at a reunion,
or a wedding.

And you'll smile and say something
like "you look great"
or " I heard about the baby".

And I'll smile, and say something
" I hope you burn in hell.


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