Wednesday, September 28, 2005

miss my kitty :S

As im reading poetry.. this poem really touched me :s im missing my kitty badly :S
I had a dream about you, That you were alive again,
I heard you purring, you were happy and healthy,
Like you were a couple of years ago,
We were sitting together,
But i knew it was a dream, Because i knew you had left me,
You had been ripped from my heart,
Why did you get taken away from me?
Why did your life have to be stolen?
Why cant you be here now?
Why? So many questions, rarely do i get a good answer,
But i miss you so much,
It hurts me deep inside,
Never can i erase the memories we shared together,
Never do i want to,
I would pay my savings to get you back,
Back alive to your healthy happy self,
I remember when we found you as a kitten,
We saved your life from that car, remember?
You were ment to die that night,
But we gave you a chance,
Who could dump you beautiful girl?
I will never know,
We saved you,
Gave you a life, and a chance,
You lived until you were almost 14,
Now i must go,
And cry.


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Blogger ---usman said...

poem koi itni khaas to nahin hai waisay...

1:41 PM  

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