Saturday, October 01, 2005

preparation for ramadan?

oh well.. once again i entered the channel in the middle of a fight.. same old issue.. shia/suni..
anyway.. i asked them what have they prepared for ramadan.. and a bro showed me a site.. and i read sumthing v nice there..
Harken! O you who was not content to sin throughout Rajab.

His rebellion against his Lord had to continue the duration of Sha’ban.

The month of fasting has now come to shade and shelter you,

Do not transform it also into a month of sinning.

Recite the Qur’an and glorify [God], with diligent assertion.

Indeed! It is a month for glorification and the Qur’an.

Deny your bodily appetites, seeking your soul’s salvation.

Eventually, the earth will consume the body.

How many deceased people have you known who fasted?

Amongst your family, neighbors, and brothers.

Death has erased them, leaving you behind.

Get serious [about your religion], for the living are quite close to the dead!

You take delight in the ‘Eid outfits being cut out now for the festival.

But soon they will be your burial shrouds.

How long will the person be happy with his worldly home?

Knowing that his ultimate home is the grave.

ah! plsss if u read this post.. do pray for me..and i hope we make full use of this blessed month.. aameen.


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