Saturday, October 01, 2005

silent observer

oh god.. the weird thing is that i cant see my blogs.. i duno if others can :)
a weird thing happened yesterday.. i opened my email just to check this persons blogs address and guess what they came online at that very time.. it was scary.. well not scary.. i was happy to see them..
from the past few days i have been wondering that how were they doing? and i was thinking that they really cared for me.. i guess nobody really cared for me that much ever. i duno if it would have been the same if we met in real life. hehe dont know.. just thinking about stupid stuff.. but the bad thing was i got dc and then i had to leave.
anyway i just pray that they stay happy :)
oh i was suppose to spend the night alone in my room :p n i was really scared.. but i thought that i'll give it a try.. actually i get scary dreams sumtimes and i hate sleeping alone..khair i thought this time im gona do that.. n guess what i wasnt able to c if i could sleep alone or not cuz i wasnt alone. hehe
i know im acting like a 5 yr old girl! its just that ive been always afraid of this thing.. ive always been sleeping alone :s
well.. not always...
after my sisters wedding! n then i became a scaredy cat :D
hehe bad bad i know but we gota do sumthing about that! but duno what? i cant sleep if its complete dark! i need sum light.. but not direct light u know.. cuz then i cant sleep if its going in my eyes :p hehehheheh im weird
i know!!!
but what to do about it?
and what to do about my blogs? i cant see them!
and what to do about missing my best buddy???
i miss her soooooooooooooooo MUCH!!
n hmm what to do about my mom?
she called me day before yesterday and she started crying.. well i'll write the details in my next blog!
gtg now.

if any of u can see the blog then do comment.. cuz i cant n i duno if any1 else can!


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Blogger silent observer said...

errr no thanx!

4:38 AM  

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