Monday, October 03, 2005

mama's phone

ok as i said i'll write about my mom's phone so here i am..
i was looking for a scarf from my cupboard when my mother in law told me that i have a phone call.. usually my mom calls me on my cell.. so i wasnt expecting it to b her call.. i picked up the phone n my mom was like where have u been? i have been trying to call u but u dont pick thephone up.. is everything ok? and i said well i have been waiting 4 ur call.. well its all mobilinks hardly connects now a days.. anyway after asking me how i was doing.. she asked me "are u coming to lahore for eid?" and i said "no, i cant" and then she was silent.. after sumtime i heard her crying.. i felt so bad.. and then the way she said "i really miss u a lot maryam" (in urdu).. it really made me cry.. thank god i was alone in the room at that time..
i realised that i really miss my family.. especially my mom.. she has always been so helping and caring.. we just dont realise it.. well women do... cuz we have to leave our parents home after marriage (usually)... and the bond bw a mother and a daughter is always very strong.

anyway enough of that..
i went out for dinner with my hubby today.. it was nice.. i just started eating when my cell rang.. i picked it up and i thought it was my uncle.. well it was my brother in law :p i miss my sis too..had a small chat with my sis :) it was nice.. i miss my nephew soooooooooo much! whenever i talk to him on the phone he says "momi aala where have u gone? pls come back" it makes me cry!
uff im being so nostalgic :p

life of a woman.. hmm before marriage and after marriage! ah different ppl in her life (if its out of family)...
its really difficult for a woman... two families! hehe.. she cant choose one :p as both are very dear to her.
oh well i'll talk about it later.. i must go now and sleep :)


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