Thursday, October 06, 2005

n ramadan started :)

oh well.. today was the 1st day of ramadan.... my husband made me watch this really scary video of a woman who was overcome by a jinn.. i can still hear her voice.. anyway it was last night n i wasnt able to sleep properly.. n then woke up early for sehri..
it was v different from what i am used to.. in lahore we all sit together and then we watch sehris transmission together.. we sit there for atleast an hr or so.. n talk about stuff n all... and then same thing happens in iftari as well.. i really missed it :S
i really missed my parents and rest of my family.. i cried once again while talking to my mom...
im not saying that im not happy here or anything.. but its just that i miss my family a lot.. especially now a days.. i cant think of celebrating eid without them.. its gona b so difficult for me this time :S
oh well...
the day passed... it was fine.. just that as i talk continiously at school.. i was VERY thirsty :S i came back from school and then i slept :p hehe
its getting cold now.. :)
if you live with ure parents then ure v lucky.. just treat them nice :) as they love u more than any1 could.. and show ur love to them.. express it! dont hesistate!
i miss my mother the most.. and yes i miss my sis and my nephew a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
n when i was talking to my sister in law.. she also started crying :( n started telling me how they talked about me at sehri and aftari time. i miss her so much.. n i miss my brothers..
i just talked with my lil bro.. and he was so mad at me.. n asked me why dont i come there! ahhhh
anyway enough of this blabbling.. im gona go n watch another scary clip :)


Blogger enigmatic said...

oho i just remembered that you had a younger brother (again). heh i was so shocked when u told me the first time...

anyways i've been away from my family for a large part of last 4-5 years...kaafi mushkil hai :|

6:22 PM  

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