Sunday, February 05, 2006

"Time fly by"----- fatee

i have been thinking about time lately. i think everything is connected. i have been thinking about time a lot.. and i went to this dvd shop n i saw "meet joe black" there. i know its an old movie.. but i picked it up.
IT WAS TOOOOO GOOD! i cried a lot during the movie.. yeah...
cuz of its dialogues.. emotions.. love! everything.. love between a father n his daughter ( made me miss my dad!)
n how little time we have and how do we spend it. its a movie.. and in movies u may get some more time.. but in real life its not possible.. so are we preparing ourselves for akhirah?
hehe.. i miss my best friend too.. once she was sitting with her ex fiances mother n she was talking bout sumthing n she said "ji time fly by" (she says sum stupid stuff and then realises how dumb she has been later) lol.. so her ex fiances mother replied "time flies by".. n she was sooooooooo embarrassed.. and as soon as she left.. fatee ( my best friend) called me and told me about the whole episode.. that how she made a fool of herself :D lol.. oh i miss my best friend.
anyway back to the movie..excellent dialogues..emotion language! i just love such movies.
i was thinking of giving up my job and gong back to school.. but this time for religious studies. lets see
i better go now
school 2morrow


Blogger danishmand said...

religious studies? did you leave teaching?

9:29 PM  
Blogger silent observer said...

no danishmand.. im still thinking.. i really need o quit my job and study religon!

pls make dua 4 me

1:28 AM  

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