Sunday, March 05, 2006


last weekend i went to lahore.. actually i went to lahore on wednesday n came back on sunday.. enjoyed a lot :)
went to see king kong with my family.. it was aweeeeeeesome! the ending made me cry though :)
i wana go see it again thogh.. too bad we dont have any cinemas in isb :/
we just watched "just like heaven" today!
lovely movie! i really enjoyed watching it.. in fact i always dream about a beautiful garden! i love roses.. and i love gardens full of flowers :)
v sweet movie :)
oh yeah another v good movie.. shall we dance :)
it was nice!
im watching too many movies.. not good i know :p have less work because of strikes n all
i made chinese yesterday :)
hot n sour soup, chicken fried rice chicken with lime :) i really enjoy cooking! (in my new non stick pans :p)
i want good recipes! recipes that are tried by ppl personally!
i better go now.. tomorrow is monday and im being lazyyyyyyy!


Blogger danishmand said...

hey! you've totally disappeared. is everything alrite?

10:53 PM  
Anonymous usman said...


i second what danishmand says!

1:54 AM  

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