Saturday, July 29, 2006


been ages since i posted sumthing here!
i missedddd blogging hehe..
i read sumthing which i would like to share..

the prophet saw said "my Allah offered to turn the mounts of Makkah into gold for me. but my supplication to him was, "o Allah! I would like to eat one day and feel hungry the nxt, so that i may cry before THEE and remember Thee when i am hungry, and be grateful to Thee and glorify Thee when my hunger is gone!"

after reading this i felt that i have been very ungrateful :(
we have so many things and still we dont thank Him enough..why are we so greedy?
we have good food to eat..clothes to wear.. shelter! everything n still we are ungrateful!
i was just looking at my jewellery! i dont even like gold and sill i have tonssss of gold jewellery..
actually i was thinking of getting rid of it.. specially the big sets.. they arent of any use! i mean i cant wear those sets at home (too big).. and i have to cover myself when i go out! then why should i keep it?
but i have to keep it.. otherwise its going to offend my mil! why cant we do things that we want to do? and when we know we are doing the right thing?
i dont want to own so much jewellery- i better think of ways of getting rid of it!


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