Friday, October 28, 2005

hmm i wish u loved me enough!

ok im so bored right now.. n i cant sleep :s
as a friend left a msg that the poem i pasted before wasnt good enough.. i have started reading more poems.. hehe
good time pass :)

oh n for some reason i like reading depressing poems.. lol they make me cry n i still like to read them :s

I wish you--loved me enough--
To hold me--when my life gets too tough--
To kiss me--to kiss away each tear.

I wish you--would love me all night--
Carry me--when I forget how to fight--
Hold me--and erase all of my fears.

I wish you--could smile down on me--
And somehow--set this hurt spirit free--
Mend it--heal the tear that's torn it apart.

Oh yes I wish you--loved me enough--
To hold me--when my life gets too tough--
To love me--and soothe this old heart--of mine.


i actually liked this poem.. anyway i was invited to an iftar party today.. was really v boring.. i didnt like the food at all.. and they were very modern ppl.. not my type at all... was kinda show off as well!
anyway they are my SILS in laws.. so my SILS SIL was giving tea to everybody n when she was pouring the tea in the tea cups.. i was thinking what if it fell on me.. anyway it didnt fall.. she started drinking her tea.. and after a min i duno what happened that it fell on me and her as well.. well it was hot but not v hot.. after 2 mins i started feeling VERYYYYYYYY cold.. i was shivering! we stayed there for almost FOUR hrs!!
khair its over now alhamdulillah!
oh n i met my chat friend the other day.. she came to see our hostel. it was nice meeting her :) she said that she didnt find any difference in me lol. "oh ure the same momi i chat with on msn" lol :) it was funny the way she said it.. i mean i AM the same momi :p hehe
that makes me miss naj! omg we met after 7 yrs of knowing each other online! hehe and she said the same thing "momi tum to bilkul waisee ho!" lol i miss her.. i miss the chats we used to have.. n then she got married.. n now shes busy with her lil daughter! time flies!!! i remember we were just lil girls when we started chatting! n now we are married hehe
we had so many dreams..well she had so many dreams.. but then some dreams stay dreams
sum wishes stay wishes.. that used to b our nick! hehhe now we know what it means :p
oh god its 1 am! and im writing this boring blog!
not sleepy tonight.. not at all
but i guess i should try n sleep
i hardly see my old chat friends online now
im missing my friends


Anonymous nessy said...

hey that was a lovely poem! But why are you reading such poems? You are already loved:) Very much so... and you still complaining about it not being enough?! :)
Wow Naj has a daughter now, masha'Allah. When is yours coming?

Yeah,I miss some of my online friends too. I have like 80 people on my msn. Only about 13 or so go online every day - half of them are usually 'away' (bcoz they are 'auto logged in') and the other half are blocked by me or I don't have anything to talk with them. I feel so lonely these days. All the people i used to chat to and have fun with -- are gone.
Anyway, keep it up with your blog sis, i love reading it :)

PS: about the tea - haha, I seriously think you are psychic!!

8:00 PM  

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