Saturday, July 29, 2006

was busy!

well ive been asked many questions so i guess i'll just tell u my routine!
as u all know we have summer holidays :D alhamdulillah (luv teaching ;))
anyway i went to lahore and then omer joined us.. we all went to karachi and that too in a train! yesssss!
it wasnt taht bad really.. i kinda enjoyed it..we started our journey at 4 pm and reached there at 10 am the next day.. it was supposed to reach there at 8 am :p
attended my cousins nikah! we went to khi for four days.. so didnt have much time..e everybody was busy.. the cars were busy and i was dying to go to the beach.. and so was adeelah (my cousin).
thanx to omers friend..he took us to the beach :D
loved it :)
oh well.. that friend was a chat friend too :p
the next day he invited me to his house .. so that i can spend sumtime with his wife :)
i had fun at his place.. omer went out for breakfast with him.. and i stayed at home with his family. i enjoyed talking to his sister.. v talkative :p
but his wife wasnt v talkative.. (shy maybe)
but i was shocked when i was told that she wants to go back to lhr with nomi bhais family.. nomi bhai works in khi. the reason she gave me was that she gets bored here! (obviously when her hubby isnt around).. then i thought about myself
i wont even think of doing that! i cant think of staying with omers family if hes living in sum other city.. i'll go n live with him!!
i think she was scared because she cant cook! i told her to learn cooking n stay with her hubby :p i hope that she does!
anyway then we came back to lahore.. had a nice lunch at chicago grill! had the yummmiest drink there! called strawberry freeze.. yuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm :D
then we came back to isb :)
i had fun.. alhamdulillah!
im a bit nervous though.. my bhabi is in isb so ive invited her 2morrow and 2 other families as well.. i am gona cook!!!
never cooked for big dinners b4 :p
so pls make dua :)


Blogger danishmand said...

there you are. thank you for your comment and letting me you know tht you're still around. take care ok and i need your very badly:)

2:27 PM  

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