Sunday, October 30, 2005

hmm short post

hmm not gona write any details cuz im feeling v cold right now.. just wana go and get in my blanket :)
we went to taraweehs tonight.. it was nice in the beginning.. i liked those newly wed girls hehe.. but just after a few taraweehs.. everybody started socializing.. except this really old auntie.. in the end we were the only ppl praying. lol
but still i liked it.. better than those parties with aunties n girls dressed to kill! hehe
oh well i better go
im feeling a bit sad.. dad is in hospital..well cuz his sugar was high n he is gona start taking insulin and for that they have to keep him under observation!
if any of u read my blog.. pls make dua 4 him
i really miss him.. he has done so much for all of us.. wish i could do sumthing for him too.. but what?
i dunno :(
oh well.. last night a uni friend came online and i saw her online after ages.. she asked me if im alrite n then she told me that she saw me crying in her dream. oh well i duno :S
i said i'll keep it short :p i better go now
oh i got an email from a v good friend.. they said that they dont want to keep any contact with me.. for sum good reasons.. so i dont blame them.
u meet so many ppl in ue life but a few u remember.. always
they are one of them.
anyway i dont wana think about it. not now anyway
so gona block it from my mind
i better go


Blogger enigmatic said...

don't think full stop.

life's alot simpler ;)

11:06 AM  
Blogger silent observer said...

heheh.. i wish i could do that :p

10:01 PM  
Blogger silent observer said...

heheh.. i wish i could do that :p

10:01 PM  

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