Sunday, November 06, 2005

err no good qualities :S

oh well!
we went out for dinner today.. my SIL's fiance invited us. so we went out with my sil and her fiance and another sil and her husband :) it was good.
so my sils husband was asking us different questions.. i think he was doing it for the couple who is getting married soon. but it wasnt appropriate to ask questions from them only.. so everybody had to participate.. hehe
so one of the questions that he asked was: ur one good quality and one bad quality
i was supposed to be the second person to answer it.. i thought about it.. hehe thought of many bad qualities but couldnt think of any good qualities. so i said "nah i dont wana answer".. i didnt want them to think that im being humble or sumthing :p cuz i wasnt.. just that i really dont know any of my good qualities. so he said.. ok we'll ask ure husband then.. he was asked.
hehe so he said she worries a lot and she gets scared easily.. n when he was asked to tell any of my good qualities. he couldnt think of any! well i dont blame him for that.. i really dont :p cuz i have been thinking hard n i really cant think of any.. depressing yes.
one of the other questions that he asked was "ure alone on an island.. nobodys there and u see a pco there and u can only make one call.. who would u call?"
i thought about it.. i wasnt supposed to call sumbody whom i care about.. cuz i would be the one in trouble.. hehe so i was supposed to make a call to sumbody who cares about me and sumbody who could take me out of this problem. i just answered "i'll call home".. i lied :)
i had no other choice.. i couldnt say "i dont know" or "i dont wana answer" lol.. cuz that would have sounded rude..
the thing is. i dont know any single person who would really get worried if im left alone on an island. well ppl say that parents worry for their kids.. no matter what. i thought about it n i knew my father would have done sumthing for me.. even my mother.. BUT then they would have worried so much.. that i wouldnt really want to bother them.. hehe and specially now that i know my fathers sugar is getting higher n higher..he takes too much tension.. n i dont wana add to his tension.. so basically i would be left alone there. which is depressing again.
enough of this depressing stuff...
i'll talk about good stuff now.
we went to lhr for eid. it was really nice. spent time with my family. in my family everybody sits together and talks.. about anything! if they are busy in day time.. all of them sit together in the evening and its good.
well im really thankful to my MIL who allowed us to go to lahore for eid. i didnt know that she would allow us :) n im glad that my husband took me to lahore! really very nice of him..
oh well i still have a few holidays left but im back in isb.. n now im missing them badly. (oops no depressing talk! :p)
so i guess i better stop talking..
ok one more thing.. i dont want t


Blogger enigmatic said...

come on, course u have good qualities!

remember that time, when once, and time, that thingy, whats it called again, wait what am i talking abt? oh good qualities...erm?

on a more serious note - u know ali zafar!!

*channo kay ankh mai aik nasha hai
gaal pe uskay dil ka nishaan hai*

seriously tho, should i be more serious?

11:12 AM  
Blogger silent observer said...

lol.. thanx a lot :|
btw not dil ka nishaan.. its til ka nishaan!!!!!!!!

11:26 AM  

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