Friday, January 13, 2006


oh well
i didnt go to lhr for eid this time. i really missed my family.. eid in lhr is very different from eid in isb :)
we all sit together and talk in lhr
its a bit different in isb..
i was bored in the beginning.. but then we had guests over and then we visited a lot of families.. so it wasnt bad :) alhamdulillah
it was good!
i didnt know most of the families.. n i dont really like visiting new ppl :p but it wasnt bad alhamdulillah
got along well with every1 :) alhamdulillah
but i really missed my mom n dad :s

Friday, January 06, 2006


oh well i duno if i should b happy or sad
well im happy cuz im finally out of my fantasy world
and im sad because i didnt want to get out of it ever. i believed that i was right.
all guys are the same. all of them. i had one small hope that all guys arent the same.. but after wat sumbody told me sumthing about the changes happened in them.. im sure that all guys are the same. im happy 4 them. but im sad from inside knowing that everybody was so right n i was so wrong :(
just too down today